The IT Support industry is a great balancing act. There are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week for every company on the web. That is something that no one can change. We all have the same pool of time, no matter what the size and scope of the company. 

Our biggest challenge over the years has been to mange this time. We have spent far more time learning your business, then promoting ours. We have the need to promote, earn new customers, sell, sell, sell.. But then we have the need for Quality, for attention to detail and to support our customers.  It is hard to provide a Quality experience to you, if our employees are always dealing with "issues".

So this is the great balancing act of our company. How to keep small enough to support you, learn your needs and provide the utmost in quality. But how to have the resources we need to accomplish those goals. 

This site is designed to give you access to us. Most of our business comes from referrals, other customers, Apple, and our friends we have made in 20+ years. You will not see this site as bunch of splash pages, trying to duplicate Apple's site and trying to sell, sell, sell. There is plenty of places to see all that information, so it is not duplicated here. You will just have the ability to access us as we work to provide the highest quality experience. 

What we will do here is try to learn your business and become the best source of support you have ever had. We have to earn your trust, that is what we will try to do, and how we plan to spend the 24/7 we have allocated to us, contact us and see how we can help you solve your "issues". 

We have been servicing accounts for over 25 years, from our Original offices in Suffern, NY in 1988 to our current location in Paramus, NJ, where we have been located for the past 2 years.
Below is just a sample of some of the kind of accounts we have worked with.
Some of them for the entire 27 years!
We hope we can earn your trust to add you to the list.

Bristol Myers Sqibb
New York Power Authority
The Children's Place
Christian Dior
Adler Aphasia Center
Carlucci Design
Jami's Bicycles
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
National Fireworks Association
Maar Printing
Lont & Overkamp
Hayward Pools
Red Door Spas
Union City School District
Simplicity Patterns
McCall Patterns
Inertia Switch
Group USA
Luna Design
Columbia Law School
Parfumes Givenchy
CCA/ Samsung
Lord Abbett
Unilever Bestfoods
Calvin Klein Cosmetics
Designer Greetings
Sean John
Grace Redeemer Church
Imperial Schrade
Musical Heritage Fountation
Rockland Community College
Pompton Lakes School District
Prestige Volvo